What is a Blog and Other Blogging FAQs

what is a blog

Many Internet users hear the terms blog, blogging and blogger. Some of them have no idea what those three terms mean. The terms describe the class and activities of more than 42 million people in the world, and they are not likely to disappear from the Internet jargon dictionary any time soon. The following is a comprehensive explanation of the terms for individuals who are still a bit clueless. In other words, here’s what they mean:

So, Just What Is a Blog?

The term blog is a merged term that originally came from the terms web and log. A web log is an online account of activities that occurred during the course of a day. Online diaries became a popular form of communication and journaling in the late 90s and early 2000s. People started shifting from online diaries to web log formats after the 2000s. Blogger and Movable Type were just a couple of the platforms that people used to create their blogs. Today, many platforms exist. Therefore, anyone can have a blog of his or her own.

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is the act of writing the content that goes into a blog. Anyone can perform blogging, and such a person may have one or many reasons for blogging. Some people write news reports in blogs. Some people write their life stories in blogs. Religious groups might post sermons and lessons on their blogs. Professionals may provide consumer information about their products and services on their blogs. Some business owners sell products and services right from the front pages of their blogs. It all comes down to the art of blogging. Blogging is an act, and it can sometimes be a lifestyle.

What Is a Blogger?

A blogger is a person who spends time performing the art of blogging on a blog. Journalistic type diary writers are bloggers who like to share their life stories with other people. Content bloggers are people who like to write content for other people and get paid for it. Reporter-type bloggers are people who use a blog to distribute the news. The concept is pretty simple and very easy to understand.

Who Can Blog?

The best thing about blogging is that just about anyone can do it. Anyone who has a knack for written expression can try his or her hand at blogging. Blogging does require basic computer knowledge and typing skills, unless the computer has a voice-to-text program on it. People of all ages, genders, races and social classes can blog if they’d like to.

What Should I Blog About?

The sky is the limit when it comes to blogging in most cases. A person can blog about life events, current events, relationships, religion, politics, opinions and the like. The problem could arise if the blogger is blogging on someone else’s website or page, however. A person will always want to read the rules or restrictions that a site may have on it to be sure.

How Do I Start a Blog?

Starting a blog is easy, but the you’ll will need a few things before you start. The first thing that you will need is a username or domain name. The name should be relevant to what you want to discuss. For example, a travel blogger will want to pick a domain name that pertains to traveling.

Another thing that you will need is money. Not all blogging sites charge money, but you should have a credit card or debit card on hand in case the site does charge.

Where Can I Start a Blog?

Many blogging sites exist. Some of them are standalone blogging sites, and some of them are sites that have blogs as a part of their overall platform. An interested person will have to think of a genre or subject about which he or she would like to blog. Blogger, WordPress and Blog.com are just a few sites that offer free blogs. Some of the sites offer paid options that give them a bit more freedom, as well.

What Do I Need to Become a Blogger?

The only thing a person needs to become a blogger is a computer, a blog and some fingers for typing the content. Most sites offer free themes that people can use when they first sign up for a blog.

The sites offer basic themes that only have a few colors, and complex themes that professionals sell exclusively for people’s blogs. A personal blogger may want to choose a free them just to get a feel for the experience. The person can upgrade to an advanced blog theme at a later date.

How Can I Make Money from Blogging?

Earning money from blogging is an art that takes time to learn. It is possible for a person to earn money from blogging, but the person will have to know the appropriate strategies for getting people to click on links within the page. Affiliate marketing is one route that people can take to earn money from blogging. Affiliate marketing is a technique that involves some sales.

Third-party companies pay the affiliate marketers every time they convince a person to buy something from the blog page. Some people make a living with their blogs while other people use the blog as a means of getting a passive income.

How Can I Become a Popular Blogger?

Becoming a popular blogger requires practice and skills. Sometimes popularity requires a few special techniques. The main rule for being a successful blogger is to write about something popular and add a unique twist to it. Next, the blogger will have to write in a compelling way.

The text has to be exciting, and it has to have styling that is pleasing to the visitor’s eyes. Paragraphs should be short with bold and italic mixed in so that the readers’ eyes jump. Large headings can help to accent certain things, as well. Pictures, video and music clips always help to spruce up the environment. Colored text works sometimes, too.

Can Someone Start Blogging Today?

A person can start blogging today as long as that person has the time to sign up. The best way to find the right blogging site is to compare a few sites beforehand. The features that one will want to review are storage space, theme options and scripting elements. A person who posts many pictures will want to use a blogging site that offers a lot of storage space. The blogger may want to choose a site that has a number of free theme options, as well.

Businesses will want to search for a blog platform that offers an extensive line of free and paid themes. The goal is to have a unique theme to which many customers and potential customers flock.

The signup process for any blog usually takes less than 10 minutes. The new member can blog immediately following the sign up process. Some blogging platforms issue blog stats, and other platforms do not. A business entity should always have stats on site so they can track where their customers are coming from.