Why Should I Start a Blog?

why start a blog

Contrary to popular belief, blogging is not dead. In fact, it is thriving more than ever now that the growth of social media has slowed. While not enjoying the dizzying heights of popularity it saw during its Golden Age, which ran from 2001 through 2006, the hobby has gained traction again among big names in technology and those trying to grow niche communities. Being an unknown quantity does not mean you should not give blogging a try. Writing daily provides many benefits in different areas of life. Blogging can even provide an income to those with an entrepreneurial spirit, but its biggest gifts are those of personal enrichment.

Improve Your Writing Skills
At the most basic level, writing is the ultimate form of communication. You are recording your thoughts and presenting a compelling way for people to agree with your viewpoints. When practiced regularly, a person’s writing skills become more complex and polished. One of the best parts about blogging is the writing improvement process occurs organically. Having good writing skills is crucial whether you are writing the next great American novel, your resumé, a work presentation or short messages of hope, joy and love inside of a greeting card.

Increase in Thinking Ability
Writing is the process of committing thoughts to paper. Blogging is a way to expand and deepen how you think about your life, your work, the world at large and yourself. At this stage, many people stop blogging because they think they have nothing worthwhile to say. The truth may be that perhaps the purpose of writing has not yet shown itself, and it may take several weeks or months of blogging before this becomes clear.

Development of Intention
Once you begin writing about daily life and the effects it has and the thought processes it brings, the more you will discover about yourself and the person you are becoming. Daily writing can bring forth expression that allows a person to honestly evaluate themselves and decide if they like what they see. The best part about this process is there is always room for change and improvement, especially when the objective opinions of others are allowed as a guideline.

Keener Powers of Observation
To keep blogging practical, a person must develop a filter about life events and personal feelings. It simply is not practical to write down every single occurrence throughout the course of a day. Learning to observe and filter will allow you to express the most important thoughts and share the most meaningful experiences in order to build a quality community around your blog. Not everything that is mundane is lacking in meaning. Learn how to look closely and process what you see.

Better Life Habits
Even if writing comes naturally to you, keeping a blog requires mental discipline and a time commitment, which are both traits that lead to more efficient living. Those who blog often find themselves getting up earlier, exercising more and generally embracing life in bigger and better ways. Even if it is something as small as learning how to order a Starbuck’s coffee, gaining positive habits will provide material for meaningful blog posts.

New Friendships
The Internet brought many new and fast ways for people to communicate. It started with email and instant messaging and then blogs were created. Early blogging communities grew around comments that sparked insightful conversation around a large number of subjects. By offering an opportunity to comment, you provide your readers with a way to relate to your thoughts and ideas while giving them space to add their own ideas and opinions. Real friendship can grow from this exchange, which only adds value to the blog.

A Way to Earn Money
Blogging will bring you pleasure through sharing your words each day, but it can also earn you a small income. It should be noted that making money is not required for a blog to be successful, and it can actually cause you to become distracted from your original purpose. If earning a bit of income fits well into your blogging approach, it is nice to make a little money from a hobby you enjoy.

Provide Inspiration for Others
The magical thing about having a blog is the way it changes the lives of the people who read it as much as your own. It is a way of giving back to the world in a highly positive manner. You are being selfless with your energy, time and your way of looking at your life experiences. Putting this into writing inspires others to think and perhaps to change their own lives from the simple act of reading. That is a wonderful and very positive feeling.

Expansion of World View
Blogging offers a distinct advantage over traditional book publishing by providing a way for readers to communicate directly with the author. You write about something that you find meaningful and present it in a carefully constructed and relatable way for your audience. Comments on a blog post can provide a fresh perspective and allow the author to learn more about the topic and perhaps even about themselves.

Start for Free
Starting a blog is very easy as there are several free platforms from which to choose. Many begin their writing adventures on Blogger, which is hosted by Google and is designed to get non-technical people started within minutes. Others enjoy the many benefits of WordPress.com, including the ability to easily move the site to a self-hosted WordPress install later on. Younger bloggers enjoy the simplicity and easy curation tools of Tumblr. If you are not sure which platform is right for you, try all of them until you find a good fit.

Be Comfortable with Fame
Not many bloggers become famous, but some do. While this can be overwhelming, it is also exhilarating to share thoughts with a wide audience that offers positive feedback in return. You will find yourself sharing more with the world and growing into a better person with the experience. Being a known blogger can also bring lessons regarding humility and the ability to take criticism as not everyone will agree with what you say. You will mature and expand mentally and emotionally by handling such incidents with grace.

Build a Personal Journal
Writing in a blog each day allows you to record the personal growth you are experiencing through your interactions with daily life. As a result, it becomes a permanent, digital record of your existence and is saved in the cloud for future generations to read. It also eliminates the possibility of a journal being lost to theft or a fire where it would be unrecoverable.

Raise Confidence and Self Esteem
Sharing thoughts is not an easy process for some, and blogging is an excellent tool for building up confidence and raising self esteem. Writing about overcoming obstacles and meeting challenges directly can push others to start their own journals and add their voices to the collective. For example, you could post about your weight-loss journey and attract an audience of people who are trying to lose weight and need an emotional boost to get through a plateau or to fight food temptations. The possibilities are endless.

Make Recommendations
A blog provides an avenue to review and recommend certain products or experiences to a wide audience who may benefit from them. This can range from a book you enjoyed, a film you recently saw or a new restaurant that you dined at. The joy of these experiences is multiplied when shared with others. A blog allows you to give the gift of your happiness through making recommendations and improving the quality of life for those who are reading it.

Receive Comments
There is a great deal of debate about blog comments these days. On one hand, some people think comments no longer serve a purpose because social media has taken over, and others think comments are as important as ever. Only you can decide if comments bring benefits to your blog. It is a rare blogger who does not enjoy seeing and reading positive comments, which are an affirmation of what the author is thinking and feeling. You should not become obsessive over comments as it is your content that engages people, not the feedback. Think of comments as a gold star. You still need to do the work.

While the above list provides many compelling reasons for someone to start a blog, it is not all inclusive. Only the person who is writing the posts can decide what the motivation is to create and maintain a blog and exactly what message they wish to share with the world. Writing is one of the finest forms of human expression. Words can lead to ideas, which can then create large-scale change.

Blogs are an easy way to begin this amazing process.